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9 pains all older siblings had to deal with

9 pains all older siblings had to deal with

Older siblings play a pivotal role in influencing their younger siblings. Younger siblings look up to and learn from their older siblings, often subconsciously.


Of course, you still probably suffer from the Older Sibling Syndrome, and are now a resigned, responsible, and (sometimes) resentful adult. Here’s why…

1. Dealing with lost progress all the time

Every older sibling has had clocked hours on a game, then let their younger siblings play on it because they’re bugging you.

You go get some Milo, and return to find that your save file has been completely written over. Might as well just throw your gaming console out the window.


2. Having to let others take credit

How many times did you have to let your younger sibling “win” so they can feel better? Yeah, we lost count too. But you do it anyway because you tolerate love them. (And because if you don’t, mak will throw slippers at you.)

3. Having to solve other people’s problems

You always look on in amazement at how your younger sibling can live so carefree. In reality, it’s because if they mess up, they come crying to you and you help them.

What grown adult doesn’t know how to file income tax? Grown adults with older siblings, that’s who.


4. Having to let them get away with everything

“You should know better! You’re the older brother/sister!” is really just code for “Let your younger sibling do what they want, even if it really bothers you, jangan kacau me with this nonsense.”

5. Having your things destroyed

When your younger siblings are being too quiet, it usually means they are up to no good. What this often means is that your stuff is in danger: whether it was your Gameboy, your soft toys, your Pokemon cards, or your sticker sets.

Nothing is safe. Even now you still hide your valuables when your younger siblings come around.

6. Dealing with a lot of screaming and yelling

Kids are noisy: they cry, scream, and yell a lot. Living with them has given you incredible tolerance for anything and an ability to focus in chaos.

7. Trying to talk to people who don’t make sense

Years of trying to reason with your hysterical younger siblings has blessed you with zen and infinite patience. You are also rather gifted at distracting them with food, like Ramly burgers or satay. Settle.

8. Being expected to pay for your younger siblings

It doesn’t matter if you are 10 years old or 70, when the siblings go out, the older one pays for almost everything.

It’s not your fault you don’t have savings or marry later, okay? If anyone asks one more time, direct them to your younger sibling.

9. Having no privacy

Even if you move out, you will be haunted by your younger siblings letting themselves into your house, draping themselves dramatically over your bed/couch/sofa/floor as they be generally un-useful.

Plus if your favourite shirt ever disappears from your closet, you can be 90% sure your younger sibling took it.

If you are an older sibling, you should know that you are loved and appreciated. Even if your younger sibling can vex you to the ends of the earth.

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