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Cheras Schoolboy helps canteen Makcik sell food during recess

Cheras Schoolboy helps canteen Makcik sell food during recess

Do you remember how we used to rush to the canteen at the recess bell because well… EVERY MINUTE of the 20 we got was so precious!

Well, for this Form 4 boy, its a bit different.

Recently, Additional Mathematics tutor, Cikgu Redzwan Azizan went to Cheras’ SMK Seri Bintang Utara, where he met a particularly intriguing schoolboy he calls Hau.

Unlike other schoolboys, this 16-year-old diligently helps the makcik canteen sell food VOLUNTARILY!

(Pic Credit: knowyourmeme)

BTW, he doesn’t get paid!

Though the makcik does give him food la…

Nanti kalau dia nak makan apa dia just ambil sajela

Later, if he wants to eat, he can just take whatever he feels like

Makcik canteen via Facebook post


Hau proves not only to be your average helper but is praised to be an excellent salesman too!

Cikgu Redzwan applauds Hau’s calm composure as he entertains a sea of his peers rushing to buy makcik’s food with a sweet smile, and how he even wears gloves when he handles the food!

(Pic Credit: Facebook)

The makcik explains that Hau is the son of a hawker, and maybe that’s where he got his awesome skills from.

Now, how many of us would give up our break time to help out another human being?

Malaysians truly are a hardworking lot huh?

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