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Senior MAS pilot quits job to join daughters as junior pilot

Senior MAS pilot quits job to join daughters as junior pilot

The story of a Malaysian father who reportedly quit his job at a company with which he’s been flying with for 40 years has caught the attention of Twitterjaya.

The reason?

He quit his job so that he’d have the opportunity to fly with his two pilot daughters before he retires.

Due to the company change, the father apparently has to start fresh as a junior pilot at AirAsia and work his way back up from the bottom.


One of his daughters, @SafiaAnisa, shared the story on Twitter elaborating on her dad’s story.

Twitterjaya was touched by the story, wishing the trio well.

“Your dad must be really smart”

“He is! He was formerly an instructor and examiner at MAS (Malaysian Airlines). He’s rated on a lot of aircrafts, including 747 and A380. Now he’s entering a new company, flying a new plane, in a new environment at 58 years old. It’s not easy! Proud daughter here.”

“Congratulations to the great father & daughters pilot team!”

“A whole family of pilots”

As her post went viral, it appears that many Twitterians know of her dad.

“I’ve flown with your dad once. He’s a very, very nice guy. Out of curiosity, if it’s your sector and when you want to request stuff, what do you say? “Abah (dad), flaps one please”? Hahaha!”

“Yes, After start checklist complete…abah (dad)!”

“Your dad was my instructor on my first line training flight on the B734, back in 1993! Nighstop BKI! Send my regards to the Capt.”

Good going, you three! We wish you all many pleasant flights ahead!

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