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Abang delivery works 2 jobs to save for dream home wins praise from the internet

Abang delivery works 2 jobs to save for dream home wins praise from the internet

We would all know the struggles we millennials have to face to barely make it in this world.

A simple conversation with your Grab driver would reveal that the majority of them work for Grab get side income to help out with their living expenses.

Well, on Twitter, one user got the special attention of Twitterjaya when he revealed his intention of proudly owning a home from the money he earns as a delivery boy.

Twitter user @firdausaizat got over 1,900 retweets and 3,300 likes on his Twitter post when he shared that he is Lazada rider by day and GrabFood delivery boy at night.

In the morning I work with Lazada, in the evening I deliver GrabFood. Pray for me also 😎✌🏻

OhBulan even highlighted his struggles as a Lazada rider, GrabFood rider, father, husband and son on their website.

Saya melakukan dua pekerjaan ini sebab ingin membeli rumah atas nama sendiri. Sekarang saya, isteri dan anak tinggal di rumah ibu mentua buat seketika.

I work two jobs because I want to buy a house under my own name. Currently, my wife, daughter and I live at my mother-in-laws, but it is only temporary.

Firdaus Aizat via OhBulan

He explicitly detailed how much he makes a month which is around RM3,000 a month (RM2030 from Lazada and about RM800-900 as a GrabFood rider).

RM1,000 is used to save for his dream home monthly.

Firdaus delivers Lazada parcels from 8am to 2pm, then he continues to deliver food for GrabFood till around 8pm or 9pm 6 days a week to earn such an amount.

His spare time is solely for his family and sacrifices his rest for this mission he has embarked on.

Kena korbankan masa rehat.

Have to sacrifice rest.

Firdaus Aizat via OhBulan


Some were caring enough that they even reminded him to get insurance.

Saiful hanif: Be careful on the road. Don’t forget about insurance, so that if anything happens, you can claim

FIR: I have 2 insurances 😄 Risky jobs like this, anything can happen in a blink of an eye.

(Pic Credit: wowmenariknya)

Hope the society appreciate their services and the tasks of workers like this.

If you meet them, give them some water or sweets.

They go through rain and shine, rushing sometimes without time to eat or rest.

They are connectors who help deliver messages and things.

Makes you appreciate your delivery boy more now doesn’t it?

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