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16 things only M’sians who take LRT to work will understand

16 things only M’sians who take LRT to work will understand

1. Feeling dead inside on the train to work

2. Calculating the *exact* time you leave the house so you’ll get on the train juuuust in time


3. You walk like this:


4. Getting annoyed by RIDICULOUSLY SLOW people on the escalator

Picture Credit: @MyRapidKL/Twitter

Special shout-out to the world’s slowest escalator at Masjid Jamek station.

5. Seeing this sign everywhere:

Picture Credit: @fazman74/Twitter

6. Avoiding the 2-coach train like it’s got H1N1

Picture Credit: The Star

7. Crying internally while squeezing into the 2-coach train because you woke up late


8. Carrying your backpack on your chest to hide *sensitive* areas

Original Image from lizinflorence

9. That awkward feeling when you’re butt-to-butt/chest-to-chest with a stranger on a packed train

Image via @aleazara/Twitter

10. Walking on the tracks because the train broke down between stations AGAIN

Picture Credit: Malay Mail


Picture Credit: Owee Ah Chun via NST

12. Spotting a cute boy on the train and trying to decide if you should make eye contact


13. Spotting a cute girl and DEFINITELY avoid eye contact in case she thinks you’re a pervert

14. The sweet, beautiful, delicious gift of the best nasi lemak at the LRT station every morning

Picture Credit: @tvsmithmy/Twitter

15. That brief moment of relief then panic when the train stops at Masjid Jamek/Pasar Seni/KL Sentral/KLCC


16. Laughing at all those cars stuck in traffic on Federal Highway

Original image via The Star

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