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Melaka trip turned claw-some when wife booked a Hello Kitty surprise for husband

Melaka trip turned claw-some when wife booked a Hello Kitty surprise for husband

Zulhelmey Isnin, who is a photographer usually entrusts his lovely wife, Rabiatuladawiyah, the task of booking him hotel rooms whenever he goes outstation.

This time, his working trip down to Melaka from KL truly was Meow-nificient when his wife decided to shock him with a large, comfortable yet dripping pink room filled with Hello Kitties for him and his (male) colleague.

No wonder my wife was laughing when I asked her whether she has booked by hotel room or not. Turns out, she booked the Hello Kitty Hotel some more. I’m checking in with my guy colleague 😂😂😂😂😂😂

He was so ‘upset’ that he even shared what ‘torment’ he had to stare at in his room.

I want to sleep also scared because got Hello Kitty (every where) accompany me

Although when we interviewed him, he was rather cheerful about the issue and only described the situation as ‘awkward‘.

..tak marah pun, cuma gelak tak henti jelah sebab kelakar..

Not angry also, just laughed non stop because it was so funny

Zulhelmey to TRP

Twitterjaya is, of course, having a field day with replies.

As the men could understand Zulhelmey’s feelings.

his face definitely ‘angry’

I don’t know if I want to cry or laugh hahaha

…: toilet seat also got hello kitty 😂😂😂

Amy kitty: poop with hello kitty

Not scary is it? Hahahahah. Like scary only when there’s so many cats


Whilst some others (females mostly) rejoiced and dreamt of having a similar room.

uan: Uish don’t want to go out of the room like this

Ira: hahahahaha good la. Save money on food, just sit in your room only. Eat all that wall paper

It’s so cute, I want a room like this

If you put Little Pony it would be even nicer


Well anyway, much to our surprise, he’s not the first guy to sleep in such a femininely glowing room.

haha yes us 3 guys (have stayed there too). We were desperate at that time. We saw this hotel and just checked in la. Once we entered, we got shocked 😂 but nice location near the tower

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