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M’sians share cheeky requests that were REALLY fulfilled by McDelivery!

M’sians share cheeky requests that were REALLY fulfilled by McDelivery!

Tasneem Nazari

With the rise of food delivery options in Malaysia, it was only a matter of time before Malaysians started making cheeky requests to their delivery riders when ordering their grub.

Recently, three Malaysians shared some odd requests they made to McDonald’s Malaysia’s delivery service, McDelivery, that actually got fulfilled!

Facebook user 傅長膨 Anima asked for something really simple: A selfie.

The make-up artist wrote in the order remark section that all she’d like with the rider was one funny selfie.

We mean, it’s free anyway right? Guess the rider must have felt that way too cause she totally complied!

The next request was a little bit more surprising.

You know how no matter how many times we ask fast food cashiers for extra sauce, they’re still pretty stingy with it?

Well, somehow this dude managed to get a whole lot of chilli sauce from McDelivery. Like, a lot.

Twitter user @zaynandwar tweeted how he wrote in his order remark “if it’s possible, can I get the most chilli sauce in Malaysia”. And… you guessed it.

Picture credit: Siakap Keli


But neither of these people managed to pull off something truly impressive: Actual free food.

Facebook user Luiv Tee asked for some extra barbecue sauce for his McNuggets in his order remark.

Not wanting to pass up the opportunity, he tried his luck asking them for a free apple pie too. His excuse? He’s too broke to buy it but he loves it so much. Also, he loves McDelivery people too.


Surprisingly, the McDelivery staff actually sneaked in an extra apple pie for him!

What? We’re not jealous…


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