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Cikgu Hensem giving his students a haircut goes viral on Twitter

Cikgu Hensem giving his students a haircut goes viral on Twitter

An English teacher at a school in Sabah recently shared 2 pictures of him shaving off his student’s hair.

Twitterjaya is going cray cray.


Boys are sharing their feelings (through memes of course).

Tweeting back how they understood what it would feel like to get your hair cut.

Whilst some were sharing their own personal experiences how their school tackled the issue.

What la teacher cut for you. In my school, they used to call the barber to cut our hair. Have to pay RM5 somemore

Last time my school spot check for hair every week. The worst part is, if your hair was 3cm longer than recommended, they’ll make you bald. Obviously the whole college went bald, crazy la to measure hair all. It was so cumbersome, every week I felt like a prisoner. We wear orange some more. Haih I’m glad that phase is over.

Besides the memes and sad stories, girls have been going goo goo ga ga for the teacher whom they deem as cute and handsome.

Eyes focused on the teacher because he is handsome

SYT (Sweet Young Thing) that teacher

Some expressed sadness that he wasn’t around when they were in school. He has only been teaching there for 1 year, he confirmed.

Who is this teacher? Why wasn’t he teaching when I was at that school?

And it seems not only girls who feel that he is eye candy, but guys too…

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