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Viral video of ‘Cikgu Pekak’ sparks joy and curiosity on the internet

Viral video of ‘Cikgu Pekak’ sparks joy and curiosity on the internet

Akmal Hakim

A silly and sweet moment captured between a special needs teacher and one of his students is warming the hearts of Malaysians online. 


In a short video posted on Twitter, @fakrufaiz shares a glimpse into the interesting life he has as a ‘Cikgu Pekak’.

The 20-second clip shows the teacher and student having a brief exchange in sign language, with the caption reading ‘Challenges of being a Cikgu Pekak’.


*Challenges of being a Cikgu Pekak*

Student drops a pencil on the table

Teacher calls the pupil, but the student couldn’t hear

Teacher knocks on the desk, the student couldn’t hear

Teacher shouts, still couldn’t be heard.

Finally, teacher chases after pupil. Hahaha.

via Twitter

And nooo, before you get any wrong ideas… ‘Cikgu Pekak’ does not mean that the teacher himself is deaf…

The way fakrufaiz explains it, it’s more of a lingo used among those in the Special Needs Education business.

“You might not be familiar with the term ‘Cikgu Pekak’. Usually, we call teachers for the deaf and hearing-impaired ‘Cikgu Pekak’. Sorry for the confusion.”

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The teacher also took time to translate the conversation that the two had.


Student: Thank you, teacher

Teacher: Good… Now go to the canteen for recess.

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The video which came out on July 3 had since gained over 16,000 likes and 21,000 retweets.


Check out what Malaysians have to say about it;


Two things that touched me:

1. Seeing the disabled child’s spirit to attend school and learn.

2. The teacher’s patience to educate those children


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Some were even intrigued enough by the charming video to note their own interest to learn sign language.

“Is it hard to learn sign language? Always wanted to learn, because sometimes I have to interact with customers who are mute. I feel guilty not being able to communicate with them.”

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And it appears that they’re in luck!

Apparently, due to such popular requests, fakrufaiz is now giving a few short lessons on how to sign, starting with the basics…

So what do you say guys, shall we sign our ABCs’ today..


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