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Malaysian soldier charms cobra, AND the Internet using just one finger (VIDEO)

Malaysian soldier charms cobra, AND the Internet using just one finger (VIDEO)

Tasneem Nazari

Malaysians don’t really think about our armed forces unless it’s Merdeka day or when Mat Sabu opens his mouth. We don’t generally wage wars on anyone so most of the time we assume our armed forces aren’t very impressive.

Well, y’all gonna be impressed by this!

Instagram account @segak_berseragam earlier today shared a video of one of our soldiers charming a cobra using just his eyes, and his hand (possibly even just one finger!). 

The soldier, who is face to face with an aggressive cobra, looks the snake dead in the eyes, and starts to stretch his arm upwards. 

At first, it’s not entirely clear what it is he’s trying to do (is this some weird silat move?) , but then you start to realise that his right arm is being lowered onto the cobra’s head.

The cobra doesn’t realise what’s happening until he is entirely flat on the ground and before he can react, the soldier wrangles him.


Just four hours after posting, the video already has 16.3K views. Netizens were absolutely charmed by this snake charmer.

Picture credit: Instagram

“You charm a cobra so easily, I can’t imagine how well you must charm women…ok byeee”

“This soldier has received acknowledgement for his skills from the higher ups. His video is viral in all the army camp groups”

Picture credit: Instagram

“Wow spectacular 👏🏼 A salute to you, soldier.”

We’re pretty sure that’s one soldier we’d never want to hiss off…


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