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Kind-hearted Chinese uncle helping stranded pak cik and his daughter at Bukit Jalil goes viral

Kind-hearted Chinese uncle helping stranded pak cik and his daughter at Bukit Jalil goes viral

Kirat Kaur

Social media, it’s a strange place full of weirdos but sometimes, you get to see the very best of humanity.

This story happens to be one that made our hearts, along with the rest of Twitterjaya, melt into a puddle of hope and happiness.


It all started when Twitter user Nebulaaa (@belldybala_) decided to share the story of an incident that took place when her father was picking her up after her job interview.

Picture Credit: @belldybala_/Twitter

They were on their way home, zipping along the roads when suddenly,
the motorcycle ran out of fuel.

Picture Credit: Pinterest

Stranded, they stopped the bike outside an apartment and sat to think..

Option 1: Look for petrol station
Aiyoh, too far.

Option 2: Dad asks daughter to take the LRT home
Daughter says no, she’s staying with her dad.

Option 3: Keep pushing forward, walk with the motorcycle until you reach a petrol station
Seems like the most reasonable option. Okay.

Just as they started walking, a Chinese uncle rushed out of
the apartment towards his car which parked by the side of the road.

He saw the pak cik walking his bike and asked, “What happen??”

So the pak cik explained his situation and the uncle quickly offered to buy him petrol, refusing to take money from the pak cik, saying “aiyaaa, lepas beli ma” (aiyaaa, you give the money only after I buy la).

With a reassuring, “Tunggu 10 minit aaa” (wait for 10 minites aaa), he sped off and quickly returned with a tong (barrel) of petrol. @belldybala_ estimated it to be around RM7 worth of petrol.

The grateful pak cik once again offered money to the helpful
man, but you know what he said?

“Tak payah, tak payah. Saya tolong you hari ini, nanti orang tolong saya punya.”

Translation: “never mind. I help you today and one day someone else will help me.”

Random, helpful Chinese uncle/Twitter


After thanking the man again for his kind-hearted gesture, the pak cik told his daughter; “Maybe we’re receiving this kindness in return for the help we’ve shown others. Alhamdulillah.”


@belldybala_ concluded the tweets with a grateful shout out to her dad and the Chinese uncle; her dad for bringing her to the job interview, and the uncle for taking a few minutes to help them.

“There were so many cars passing by on that busy road, but it was this uncle that offered to help la. Thank you, uncle!”

Nebulaaa (@belldybala_), Twitter

Besides giving us a refreshed hope for humanity, her tweets have also sparked a flurry of positive messages from Twitterjaya.

Translation: Thank you uncle for helping nebula

You can read the heartwarming story in full below:

Let’s spread some kindness around, guys!


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