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Frenchman invents Halal pills that make your farts smell nicer

Frenchman invents Halal pills that make your farts smell nicer

Ahh farts… we all have em.

From the loud explosive kind, to the silent and deadly.


Though there’s nothing much that can be done to stop the outflow of gas escaping your bowels, there might just be a way to spare your olfactory senses from the unflattering smell of your incoming toots.


After nearly suffocating by the stench of his own flatulence, one Frenchmen came up with an aromatic idea of developing edible pills aimed to make people’s farts smell nicer.

Poincheval showing off his revolutionary pill
(Picture Credit:

Christian Poincheval, a 65-year-old Gandalf-looking inventor from Gesvres is the mastermind behind the peculiar product called PilulePet, a pill that will make your flatulence smell as sweet as roses, or so the company website claims.

According to the French innovator, the pill made from organic
ingredients such as vegetable coal, fennel, seaweed, plant resin, etc. would
not only make your farts smell more fragrant, but also reduces gas build-up and


The pills are available in several different scents for roughly RM90 per bottle, and the company also claims that it’s certified Halal by the EU.

Savour in your sweet bodily releases with the aromatic scent of;

May Day lilly

Have your toots blossom like the first day of spring.

(Picture Credit: PilulePet)

Christmas Chocolate

Bless your loved ones this holiday season with the aromatic scent of your chocolaty wind.

(Picture Credit: PilulePet)


Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Your farts will be sweeter,
that surely rings true.

(Picture Credit: PilulePet)


Now lean a lil bit closer see, roses really does smell like tooooots…

(Picture Credit: PilulePet)


Spice up your gasses with the zesty smell of ginger.

(Picture Credit: PilulePet)

So how about it people… any takers?


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