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Msian netizen’s responses to World’s longest water slide has us snorting water out our noses

Msian netizen’s responses to World’s longest water slide has us snorting water out our noses

On Monday, Malaysians found out that we will soon be home to the World’s longest water slide.

Escape Park, Penang made the announcement saying that the park’s newest attraction will open in August.


Needless to say, many Malaysians were excited about the news. Some, however, did point out that a 1,140m-long slide that takes you a whopping 4 minutes to complete is pretty absurd.

That’s a long time to travel down a water slide! Can you imagine how the queue for the slide will be?


As with most big news in Malaysia, there are always snarky netizens out there ready to poke fun at any news. Here’s what they had to say about the slide.

“Slider 1: Stop! Stop!
Slider 2: What is going on? Now it’s jammed here.
Slider 3: There’s a fallen tree
la up ahead!
Slider 4: Guess we’ll have a snack then while we wait for the jam to clear up *throws rubbish out the side of the slide* 🤣”

“Then suddenly you see one person sliding in the emergency lane”

“1.140km, that’s crazy! It’s like the DUKE highway already”

“When you reach the end Anwar would have already become PM”

“If you want to travel back to your hometown, you just have to ride the slide”

“When you reach the bottom your kid will already be able to talk and say “welcome home”

“When it’s this long it makes you worry about them installing a toll booth”

“Is it as long as taking the LRT? Otherwise I can make a stop at KLCC”

Picture credit: Twitter

“It’ll take us six days to play on the waterslide. This would be great during the fasting month. Ride it 5 times and suddenly it’s already Raya”

“As you slide down you can scroll through Twitter”

“It would have been nicer if it started from the Sungai Besi toll and ended at Stadium Shah Alam”

Apparently, we aren’t the only ones impressed and excited for the water slide though. UNILAD’s Facebook page released a video about it too!

We don’t care if this water slide will take us forever to slide down, we gotta try it at least once!

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