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Watch a chicken go shopping somewhere in a KL mall

Watch a chicken go shopping somewhere in a KL mall

Talk about irresistible shopping; you know how you get all eggcited about the sales?

Well one chicken was clearly a bit delirious when it entered a shopping centre in KL last week.

(Pic Credit: Pinterest)

The video of a live chicken was shared on Twitter, clucking around the men’s section in Setapak Central.

Of course, Twitterjaya had a great laugh coming up with theories of the chicken’s origins.

Here are some of our favourites:

1. From Nandos next door

Translation: This chicken must be from Nandos next door, scared of being slaughtered 😂

(Pic Credit: Memebase)

2. Seeking revenge against the Chicken Rice Shop Mak Cik

Translation: That chicken is looking for that Mak Cik from the Chicken Rice Shop. It wants to give her a piece of its mind.


3. On the flip side, maybe it just doesn’t want to be eaten by that Mak Cik

Translation: Maybe (it ran away because) it doesn’t want to be eaten by that Mak Cik Chicken Rice Shop 😂


4. It was bored in the chicken coop

Translation: Hahahaha this chicken was bored sitting in a coop the whole day. So once it was free, it went to the mall hahahah

(Pic Credit:

5. Simply because it wanted to shop la

Translation: Chicken also want to shop guys. It also wants to wear clothes

Translation: Chicken also wants to go shopping 😂

Well, whatever the reason was, this so far is our favourite reply:

Don’t worry, the chicken was successfully caught at the end.

And basically one reply we totally agree with:

Translation: It’s fun to live in Malaysia, there’s weird cases everyday.

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