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Innocent comment about a policeman showing kindness to a thief in Penang spread like wildfire on the internet.

Innocent comment about a policeman showing kindness to a thief in Penang spread like wildfire on the internet.


Yesterday, Muhamad Azizan, left an innocent comment on a Facebook post, sharing his life experience back in 2010.

Little did he know, his comment would spread like wildfire, with over 4.6k likes and copy-pasted into numerous internet sites.


Here is a person who copy pasted Azizan’s comment and turned it into a post.

The gist of the post is a story of how a policeman empathised with a man who stole 2 loaves of bread from a hypermarket.

The hypermarket insisted on his arrest, refusing to consider the thief’s reason or the fact that the amount lost was negligible.

On the way to the police station, the thief explained to Azizan, the policeman, that he only stole the bread because he had lost his job and it has been days since his 5 year old son and him have eaten.

Azizan’s superior showed mercy was in a police station in Penang, to the extent that his superior even gave some money to the thief.

(Pic Credit: meme)

And because it is a comment by a policeman about his superior, the story really caught the attention of netizens.

Especially when the police force is one that isn’t glamorously known for their kindness or good nature in this country.

(Pic Credit: askideas)
There are good cops in Malaysia, just that they are not made viral like this. It’s always the bad cops that are made viral..hmm
(Screenshot via Facebook)
This is what enforcement bodies should do. Ask why then value the right from lies, not just straight away catch people.
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Netizens are sharing this post insanely over Facebook.


On the quest of looking for the real commentor, that is Azizan, we spoke to a few people who also shared the comment as their own. When we asked why they shared the comment, they answered as below:

I shared this post because it is something good. no intention making it viral.

Generally, the wave of emotion that flooded both men and women of Malaysia was spectacular.

Azizan, my eyes are watering. My mother told me, a part of our things actually belong to others also
(Screenshot via Facebook)
Azizan rarely likes pages or comments. but when I was this comment and read it, i felt like liking it 1000x
(Screenshot via Facebook)

Talk about loving things 1000 times.


God is the Greatest, may God bless OCS

The funniest comment so far;

This is what Malay dramas should be about. not unrealistic story lines
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We had the pleasure of having a little chat with him about the comment that has gotten the internet shook and tearing, and he explained what really happened.

This just reminded him of a similar kindness his superior potrayed not too long ago.


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