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Bibik’s handwritten letter to ‘anak buah’ has Twitterjaya sentimental

Bibik’s handwritten letter to ‘anak buah’ has Twitterjaya sentimental

Sometimes the simplest gestures can bring the most joy and meaning to our lives. This was surely true for one man who received the perfect gift from someone unexpected.


Twitter user @FizIrshad_ shares a heart-warming, handwritten letter he gotten from his bibik – meaning aunt in Indonesian, however in Malaysia the word is commonly used referring to an Indonesian maid – as a sweet send-off to colleague.

The short letter begins with Bibik Lia humbly apologizing for not having anything (else) to give the young man except for her thought and prayers.

“Sorry Hafiz, I have nothing to give you. (except) my advise, don’t disappoint your parents.

Wrote Bibik Lia via Twitter

Translation: I pray that you will do your best, to always be healthy, to prosper and succeed, and may all your dreams and ambitions come true.

Wrote Bibik Lia via Twitter

The touching letter posted yesterday (June 19) has melted the hearts of netizens across Twitterjaya.

Some were even admiring the penmanship in Bibik Lia’s handwriting.

While others took the time to reminisce and share memories and moments that they also had with their own respective bibiks.

The post currently has over 7,000 likes and 11,000 retweets.

Do you have any fond moments and memories of your bibik? Share it with us in the comments on our Facebook page!

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