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Couple SWEET-FAIL at wedding goes viral

Couple SWEET-FAIL at wedding goes viral

Weddings are a wondrous occasion. Celebrating the matrimony of two love-bound souls beginning a life together can often bring about memories that can last for a lifetime.

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Moments of tearful-happiness, giggling-sadness and sometimes awkwardly cute too!

Well for the rest of us single folks, weddings are time for other priorities
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So, what happens when the bride and groom is a little too nervous when the time comes to seal the deal? It’s up to mum to step in for the rescue!

Twitter user @MustakhimRazif shares a tender moment of what transpired at his best mate’s Akad Nikah – solemnization ceremony.

The video shows an adorable scene during a customary photo-op session where the visibly shaken groom tries to kiss his newly weeded wife’s forehead (emphasis on the try).

(Picture Credit: ahseeit)

Mustakhim, who is a photographer by trade, says that in all his years of shooting, the sheer kawaii of the wedding was something he would not easily forget.

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Of course all love stories need a happy ending! We are happy to report that the the eagle has landed! The couple finally succeeded at their attempts!

The couple viewed from a different angle as shared by user @missfarwah

The video has been the talk of the town since it was uploaded last Saturday, receiving over 18,000 retweets on Twitter.

Let’s give it up for the lovely couple and wish them all the
happiness in the days to come.

And let’s hope they won’t still need the groom’s mum to explain any issues in the near future… :p


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