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Add spice to your dental hygiene routine!

Add spice to your dental hygiene routine!

Anne Dorall

People love mala, the numbing spice made popular from the many hotpot restaurants catering to spicy-food lovers. Just look at the line for HaiDiLao!

Naturally, there are a multitude of mala-flavored foods, but have you ever heard of… mala-flavored toothpaste?

The strange product first showed up in TMall, the Chinese e-commerce site, originally with only 4,000 units for sale.

The mouth-numbing toothpaste has three levels of spice: mildly spicy, medium spicy, and crazy spicy.

Picture credit: Taobao

Customers who have tried the toothpaste say that while it does authentically taste like mala hotpot, it’s a rather strange sensation to be associated with toothpaste.

That doesn’t stop people from buying it though, as it is now available for pre-sale until June 25.

You can get all three for about RM77 (excluding shipping) from the popular Chinese e-commerce app TaoBao.

For all spicy lovers- what would you do for a mala toothpaste?

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