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25 things you must have done this Ramadhan

25 things you must have done this Ramadhan


As Ramadhan is coming to an end, we decided to compile a whole list of stuff that you must have done this puasa month!

We even made a little Ramadhan Bingo for you to cross off at the end of this article.


But before that, here are 9 things you definitely might have done this fasting month.

1. Stared at your food

At restaurants around 7pm, you can see tables of people just staring at their food waiting for it to strike berbuka o’clock.

We bet, you must have been one of those patiently waiting and just scrolling Instagram, casually looking at food pictures.

If you’re not scrolling, then you most probably were among those Instagram-ing the pictures then!

2. Late to buka

On the flip side, you might also have had aberbuka in your car all alone, stuck in traffic.

Those are the nasty berbukas that you just don’t want to relive.

3. Missed sahor

I mean, who would usually wake up to EAT BEFORE dawn?

But after a week of not having that sahor, you then turn around and become the first to the table for sahor, right? Even if its just oats and milk.

4. Weight issues

Did you lose any weight this Ramadhan?

There might be some kakaks around the office claiming that their jeans are looser now then before Ramadhan/

But are you on the other end of the spectrum who instead experienced the 8pm if-Thor (buncit) stomach that paralyzed you into a food coma?

(Pic Credit: The Fanboy Seo)

5. Bazaar hunting!

With bazaars every where, how many have you gone to?

Did you get to satisfy all your berbuka cravings yet? Because time is definitely running out before things go back to normal.

And, how many times did you overspend at bazaars?

(Pic Credit: discoverkl)

6. Company berbuka events

The best part about being in Malaysia is you don’t have to be Muslim to enjoy berbuka benefits.

Most big companies will treat their employees to at least one nice makan-makan at some posh place.

Hands up to those lucky enough!

7. Played hooky

Either because you’re a girl and it’s that time of the month, or you fell ill, there must have been days that you just didn’t couldn’t puasa.

Just make sure to ganti, okay?

8. Currently playing and enjoying Raya songs already

Even if it’s not on your playlist, many radio stations have already started playing Raya songs now.

So sit back and enjoy those Raya tunes already.

9. Berbuka with family

This is a must.

People working from all over Malaysia often go back to their villages to be with their families during this holy month.

For those who live in Klang Valley, we most probably have taken our parents out to dine at some fancy restaurant or just chilled at home with your ibu’s homemade nasi lemak sambal.

Anyways, here are 25 boxes for you to check off, and let’s see if you made Ramadhan Bingo!

Hurry up, ’cause you still have about a week till RAYA.

Let us know in the Facebook comments if you’ve BINGO-ed OK?

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