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Destined couple realizes they were childhood sweethearts 20 years ago

Destined couple realizes they were childhood sweethearts 20 years ago

Anne Dorall

It’s like something out of a fairytale: boy meets girl. They get separated. They meet each other again and fall in love.


Heidi Parker and Ed Savitt’s relationship was fated to be. At the tender age of six, they had found each other while on vacation in Turkey. Later on in life, they miraculously found each other again. They had both lived in the same house, but a year apart.

Ed and Heidi, recreating their childhood photo.
Picture credit: The Sun

Ed didn’t know how to use the washing machine in the student flat. He had found some old mail belonging to Heidi, so he looked her up on Facebook for help.


A few weeks later, Heidi recognized him from Facebook and introduced herself. It was love at first second sight. They hit it off instantly, and were basically inseparable after their first date.

Ed & Heidi at their wedding in 2016.
Picture credit: The Daily Mail

Four years later, Ed proposed to her, complete with surprise engagement party. Of course, she said yes.

A few months later, they were having dinner with family when the topic of childhood holidays came up.

Ed and Heidi in Turkey, six years old.
Picture credit: The Sun

Heidi’s mother recounted the story of how Heidi had a little “one-day boyfriend” during a holiday trip to Turkey, also named Ed.

No one believed it, but Heidi’s mother had all the pictures to prove it. Young Ed and Heidi, at six years old, standing next to each other, full of smiles.


Heidi actually had no memory of meeting Ed as a child, but the pictures proved that they spent a lot of time together.

Even Ed’s parents found pictures of Heidi and her sisters in their photo album of that same trip to Turkey.

At this point, you can’t not believe in fate.

Even Turkish Airlines was moved by their story, and sent the couple back to Gumbet, Turkey where the love story started.

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