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Strange tweets from Maxis spark concern among netizens
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Strange tweets from Maxis spark concern among netizens

Kirat Kaur

It was a Monday like any other Monday. Boring, sleepy and uninspiring.


Then, a strange tweet popped up on the official Maxis customer service Twitter account (@MaxisListens) and things started to get fired up.

Picture Credit: @9VSQA via Twitter

The now deleted tweet was claimed to have been from a supervisor of Maxis’ social media team, “Larni” who had enough of her boss, “Alvin”, and wanted to go out with guns blazing.

“Larni” also urged people to take screenshots because, naturally, we always need receipts.


Screenshots of the tweet soon spread across Twittersphere and people had questions. A LOT of questions.

Even the hashtag #FreeLarni was trending for a couple of hours in the evening.

This didn’t seem to be the only tweet as the account also got pretty spicy with a customer complaint.

Picture Credit: @Aisyaaahomr via Twitter

A couple of hours later, “Larni” responded via @MaxisListens to say that the previous tweets were untrue and the matter was being investigated.

She also tweeted from her personal account:

People still weren’t convinced though, and many entertaining tweets ensued:

It’s still unclear who the culprit behind the rogue tweets is. But we’re curious to find out how the saga will continue…


We’ve reached out to Maxis for further updates but were informed that the issue is still currently under investigation.

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