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What is with these copy-paste comments?!

What is with these copy-paste comments?!

Anne Dorall

Recently, we’ve had a number of people posting the same phrase.

Apparently, it’s a trend among those vying to be among a page’s Top Fans that started on IGN’s Facebook page in early May 2019.

Some believe the comments are intended to troll, others find them to be attempts to acquire Top Fan badges.

So, while we are impressed by the efficiency of CTRL C + CTRL V, everyone is commenting the same thing so it gets a little boring.

Mix it up a bit la…

However, we want you all to know that we think of every single one of you as a Top Fan!


But if everyone is a Top Fan, doesn’t that mean no one really is?

Here’s us, sending all our love to you! Thank you for the support!


P.S. We would particularly love it if you tag your friends and share our articles as well!


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