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On stranded ferry, non-Muslims helped Muslims to break fast

On stranded ferry, non-Muslims helped Muslims to break fast

Earlier this week, Muhammad Nasir Abdul Kadir (Nasx Seth on Facebook) along with other Muslim passengers on board a ferry in Langkawi were stranded just before it was time to break their fast.

As the time came for berbuka, many on board were not prepared.

But then a kind-hearted Chinese Aunty generously offered her own chocolates to all those on board.

(Pic via Facebook)

Following her act, another Chinese man on board also passed around his bucket of KFC chicken to the Muslims.

Nasir narrates that he was moved to tears by their compassion towards those who were fasting.

Netizens who came across this story too have been touched by what happened.

Nasir has even sparked other Netizens to share their own personal experiences in such situations too.

“Sapa cakap org cina rasis aku nak bg starlight kat dahi dia.. Rasis tu sikap individu tu sendiri.. Orang cina bangsa malaysia ni baik2.. No rasis..” (Whoever says Chinese people are racist, I’m going to flick them on the forehead.. Being racist is an individual’s character.. Malaysian Chinese people are nice.. No racists.)

-Muhammad Nasir Abdul Kadir (Nasx Seth)

Truly, these people strengthen our faith in humanity and Malaysia.

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