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Is this Asia’s coolest head of state?

Is this Asia’s coolest head of state?

While not all the results are in, many have already declared another win for Indonesian president Joko “Jokowi” Dodo.

But did you know he’s apparently pretty cool? Below are three reasons why.

He’s a metal head

There’s a lots of pictures of him like this. Bullhorns, jacket, and T-shirt.

Famously, Jokowi appears to be a big fan of metal, often seen wearing T-shirts of the bands he likes and professes to owning every Metallica album.

He’s also been spotted at concerts.

Taken at Metallica’s concert at Jakarta’s Bung Karno stadium on August 25, 2013.
(Pic Credit: Olivia Rondonuwu)

He’s apparently very clean

Indonesia, among other countries, has been plagued with stories of corruption, but Jokowi seems to have a clean record.

While he was governor of Jakarta, in 2013, a fan of his sent him a bass guitar signed by Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo which Jokowi reportedly handed over to the anti-corruption agency in compliance with ethics rules prohibiting public servants from receiving gifts.

There were no reports that they had to tear it from his cold dead fingers, so we’ll just assume he willingly handed it over then?
(Pic Credit: Detik News)

When a similar incident occurred in November 2017, Jokowi spent USD800 of his own money to reclaim a signed, limited-edition set of Metallica’s Master of Puppets album he received from Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

“Thanks, Lars. For this gift that I’m going to have to buy back from my government.”
(Pic Credit: Antara/Rosa Panggabean)

He rides bikes

The original bossku, he rides bikes a lot and owns a chopper.

Yes. That’s him.
(Pic Credit: sukabumiupdate)

There’s even a viral video of him on a high-powered motorcycle, jumping stuff and doing T stops on his way to open the Asian Games in 2018, though it might be fake.

He’s even often spotted on Instagram posing with bikers, biker groups.

In recent memory, we can only think of three other heads of state that appear to be cooler or as cool as Jokowi and all of them were in North America. But what do you think?

Is that archery? We take it all back.
(Pic Credit:

(Featured Pic Credit: ahmad syauki [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

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