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Should healthy people get off?

Should healthy people get off?

We’re talking about lifts here. Elevators if you prefer to speak American.

There’s a debate happening in Facebook for the past few days over whether young and healthy people should get out of a lift and make way for families in strollers.

The post over at the Brainless Driver Malaysia Edition Facebook page has over 2,000 shares and comments going both ways.

It seems like the more popular opinion is that lifts aren’t just for parents for strollers and so the first come first serve rule should apply to everyone, but parents with strollers don’t seem to agree.
However, there are some who say they would give way for pregnant women and the elderly.
Others are recounting their experience as parents with children who are forced to wait while healthy and unburdened people push and shove their way onto the lifts.

But what do you think? Should healthy childless people give way for parents when it comes to lifts and are there other situations where parents with children should have priority?

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