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Retro Havoc Car Show Had Fair Share Of The Wrong Kind Of Havoc

Retro Havoc Car Show Had Fair Share Of The Wrong Kind Of Havoc

A visitor accidentally broke an original Re Amemiya Carbon Wing of an RX-7 FDF3S.

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To some people, cars are just meant to get them from point A to point B. But for enthusiasts, cars are more than that. It is a passion, an emotion, and a relationship that they build with these magnificent machines. Yes, relationships.

And among the places where these “relationships” are put on display are car shows, which is becoming a common activity in Malaysia.

Just last weekend, The Curve at Mutiara Damansara played host to the 8th Retro Havoc Car Show.

The event which was mostly held at the basement car park of the shopping mall saw some 1,000 cars on display from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. With an entrance fee of RM10, attendance was at 70,000, as reported by

However, the car show made social media headlines for something not so peachy. On Saturday, the owner of an RX-7 FDF3S saw his original Re Amemiya carbon wing destroyed by a visitor who was running after hearing the pops and bangs of another car.

For many, it may just seem like a slight damage to the spoiler but as evident by the many videos criticising the visitor for breaking it, albeit unintentionally, the damage is rather significant.

Re Ameniya is known for tuning rotary engines and is considered one of the pioneers in tuning cars. Thus, the products that they make are considered special as it is customed according to what the customer wants.

From our research, in the Malaysian after use market, a Re Amemiya spoiler ranges from RM5,000 to RM7,000.

Apart from the unfortunate RX-7 incident, there were other complaints about visitors leaving their fingerprints all over the hood of the car, stepping on a bumper for a photo, sitting and leaning on the cars and many more.

There were clear signs warning visitors against touching the cars, but some did not bother.

@admsrzl Sedih tgk kereta di sentuh sesuka hati…..kesian owner berhabis duit, sampai ada yang spoiler patah 🥲 #retrohavoc #problem #fypシ ♬ original sound – ِ
@garasiecodent Dah cakap jangan sentuh . dia duduk terus… #retrohavocofficial #retrohavoc2023 #alfaromeo #w202 ♬ bunyi asal – Aliff 🦐

The issues with regard to the car show did not stop there as there was also an allegation of sabotage.

One car owner claimed that six of his lug nuts were stolen while 14 were loosened.

“This car was left alone for 30 minutes while the driver was on the way in, the other members of the group left earlier as the smoke and heat was unbearable due to other participants’ pop and bang in a closed parking space.”

The incident allegedly happened between 10.10pm and 10.40pm and the car was located at the Mainstage Zone D by the Retro Havoc team. A police report was lodged by the owner of the car.

Car shows like this portrays the hard work of the car owners in making their machines look as beautiful as possible. It is important for visitors to know basic car show etiquette before going for the event.

So what is it that you shouldn’t do?

Never ever lay a finger on the car. Look at it from a distance and take in the beauty of the car slowly. Enjoy its curves, its lines and talk to the owner of the car. Each owner has a different emotion towards their machine and by talking to them you will understand the depth of the relationship.

Do not run around a car show. Most importantly, do not sit or lean on the cars. As mentioned above, these machines means a lot to the owners, so respect the emotions and also the masterpiece that is displayed.

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