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Anwar, The Untold Story Receives Mixed Reviews After Last Night’s Premiere

Anwar, The Untold Story Receives Mixed Reviews After Last Night’s Premiere

While some loved it, others felt that the storyline could have been better.

ANWAR the untold story

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While local movies of this genre (or just biopics in general) have generally received lukewarm responses, Viva Westi’s “Anwar, The Untold Story” has received mixed reactions from netizens.

While some loved it, others felt that the storyline could have been better.

As Twitter user @lakiprihatin put it, the storyline and plot have been said to be disappointing.

Anwar the Untold Story Review. The storyline and plot were disappointing, and the language and acting style of the actors were somewhat strange and awkward. It may have suffered the same fate as ‘Ini Kali Lah’ which was also a flop. In my honest opinion, I would rate it 1.5/5.

@lakiprihatin via Twitter

Another Twitter user @ShafwanZaidon gave the film a similar rating, noting that:

Rating untuk Anwar The Untold Story semalam 1.5/5. Skrip yang merapu, takde character building, pelakon utama tak capai standard. Plot/storyline yg chopping. Lakonan yg best daripada watak mak ayah Anwar & tentunya Hasnul Rahmat.

@ShafwanZaidon via Twitter

He also added that the film should be remade as Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is now prime minister and some parts of the storyline may now seem irrelevant.

Patut filem ni boleh peram dulu, remake balik since Anwar Ibrahim dah jadi PM. Jadi boleh buat balik babak2 yang tak kena tu. Mintak dana/bantuan dekat Finas untuk topup mana2 yg patut.

@ShafwanZaidon via Twitter

Nevertheless, he added that this may just act as a stepping stone for many other biopics of Malaysians in the future.

Tapi mungkin ni suatu pemulaan untuk filem bergenre biografi dekat Malaysia. Lepas ni diharapakan banyak la penerbit2 filem bersungguh untuk keluarkan filem biopik lain.

@ShafwanZaidon via Twitter

On the other hand, Twitter user @Syamsul_Azhar suggested that the story should have been told from the perspectives of people other than his friends and family.

Anwar the untold story should be told not from his friends and relatives perspectives obviously. In that sense should it be Anwar the told untold but retell stories?

@Syamsul_Azhar via Twitter

However, not all film fanatics hated the movie.

Twitter user @LaksamanaTarong said:

Filem Anwar The Untold Story aku jangka, kutipan dalam Malaysia sahaja boleh cecah RM40 Juta. Habis Filem,mai pakat laung REFORMASI dalam pawagam.

@LaksamanaTarong via Twitter

Meanwhile Twitter user @_nedxander said:

Rasa nak tengok jugak Anwar the Untold Story. Sebab masa kecik-kecik dulu, my family members memang ajar benci Anwar sebenci-bencinya. Duduk sanjung ke Mahathir tu macam apa.

@_nedxander via Twitter

Directed by Viva Westi of Indonesia, with Farid Kamil as Anwar, Tanda Putera actor Hasnul Rahmat as former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Indonesian actress Acha Septriasa as Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah, the film portrays the trials and tribulations Anwar had gone through during his tenure as finance minister in 1991 up till his firing from the cabinet in 1998.

The film also showed the journey of his Reformasi campaign which peaked in his jailing back in 1999, where Anwar was sentenced to six years in prison for corruption and, on 8 August 2000, nine years in prison for sodomy.

On a separate note, Anwar said in a statement today that he felt touched after watching.

He added that although it was overwhelming to look back at a crucial part of his life, he credited the actors and director for keeping it real. 

This is a story that must be told, the battle against corruption continues. Now that I am prime minister, I want to save this country and fight corruption and fight them hard.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

The public screening of ‘Anwar, The Untold Story’ will be shown in all major cinemas nationwide beginning May 18, 2023. Advance booking for the film will open soon.

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