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Johor Youth Suspected Of Setting Dog On Fire

Johor Youth Suspected Of Setting Dog On Fire

A man in Johor was alleged to have abused two stray dogs, even setting one of the dogs on fire.

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Animal abuse has always been a hot topic in this country. Recently, a CCTV camera footage of a 19-year-old young man allegedly abusing and setting a dog on fire has gone viral on social media.

The incident allegedly took place in front of a veterinarian clinic at Taman Impian Emas, Johor on 27 March 2023 at 2am.

In two Instagram posts, a veterinary doctor Salehatul Khuzaimah M. Ali pointed out that the dogs, although when abused, did not show any sign of aggression towards the young man.

According to My Forever Doggo, a platform that is dedicated to dogs and their well being, there are two dogs Milo and Mommy and both of them have been repeatedly abused by this young man.

The first incident took place on 8 March 2023 when he threw a vase at the dogs. The next attack was on 14 March where he threw bricks and rocks at the dogs.

The final blow came three days ago when he allegedly beat the dog with a metal rod before setting it on fire.

Out of the two dogs, Mommy was the one who was injured by the attack because Mommy is more trusting towards humans while Milo runs away from people that it does not recognize.

This incident has been reported to the Department of Veterinary Services and a police report has been lodged regarding the incident.

The dog is now being treated at Vetmedic Petlover on Jalan Impian Emas, Skudai.

Another netizen known as @xiaohui0105 dedicated an Instagram Story highlight on her page which showcases how caring and friendly these dogs are towards the people in the area.

The Rakyat Post learned that this netizen runs a beauty saloon in the area.

Meanwhile, the mother of the man came forward and posted on her Facebook page saying that she was aware of her son’s actions and has brought him to the veterinary clinic to apologise.

We learned that this however was rejected by the veterinarian who is in charge of the dog.

The mother of the man also shared about an alleged incident that took place last November where he was chased by the dogs and suffered broken bones and fractures. She also shared the police report that was made on the matter.

Since the incident went viral, many people have expressed their anger with the man’s actions.

Abusing animals should be taken seriously. These poor animals need a voice to defend them from such cruelty.

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