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Did You Happen To See Zombies Outside KLCC Yesterday?

Did You Happen To See Zombies Outside KLCC Yesterday?

Many do not agree with the protest by PETA.

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People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) upholds a mission to defend the rights of all animals. It operates under the straightforward tenet that animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

To enforce their mission, PETA deployed “zombies” outside the Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers (KLCC) to protest meat eaters and urged them to go vegan.

On their Twitter page, PETA Asia stated that the protest was to remind people that animals are also made of meat, flesh and blood just like humans.

Thus, it is not fair to serve these living things as food on a plate. During the protest, the zombies were holding banners with statements such as “Flesh is Flesh Go Vegan”. The statements were displayed in three languages.

@banijamian91 PETA (Animal Right Activist) Wearing Zombies face paint during protest against eating meat in Kuala Lumpur #Peta #zombies #govegan #fypシ #fyp #fypシ゚viral #animalactivist ♬ Kau Ni Ape Kau Tinggal Sini Ke – Original Sound

However, the debate on veganism is one that has no conclusion.

Malaysians shared their thoughts on the protest and did not hold back on their sarcasm.

One of the netizens even stated that veganism is an amazing scam.

However, according to an article by Petre (2022) in Healthline, vegan diet has its own advantages. Vegan diet has much more nutrients and it can help one in their journey to lose weight.

Moreover, this diet also helps in improving functions of the kidney and lowering blood sugar levels. In such ways, vegan diet may be helpful to humankind.

Choosing a diet is a personal choice. The important thing is to make sure that one follows a diet that is healthy and can fit into one’s lifestyle.

It does not matter if you are a meat eater or vegan, the main thing is to eat right and eat healthy.

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