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[Watch] Family Suffers Burn Injuries After Hotpot In Cheras Restaurant Explodes

[Watch] Family Suffers Burn Injuries After Hotpot In Cheras Restaurant Explodes

What added salt to the wound were the allegedly poor compensation offer from the restaurant owners.

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Facebook user Jason took to the social media platform recently to share his traumatic experience after suffering from burn injuries at a hotpot restaurant in September 2022.

Jason and his family were dining at a restaurant in Cheras when an accident involving the hot pot at their table allegedly took place. They ordered four hotpots, but less than 5 minutes later, the fire for 2 of the hotpots went out.

They called a male staff over to help them relight the fire. The staff saw that the gel fuel for the hotpot was finishing so he took another gel fuel container, and shook it gently, before lighting it again.

Soon, the fire in the other two hot pots extinguished too and they asked a female staff for help.

Unlike the male staff, the female staff shook the gel fuel container vigorously and it exploded when she got near the hot pot.

In a CCTV camera footage, a man believed to be Jason himself could be seen quickly slapping the fire on his face and head. His family members also tried to put out the flames on each other while the staff allegedly did nothing for 5 minutes.

Jason’s mother drove him to a nearby private hospital for treatment while his father and two sisters were sent to the hospital by the restaurant owners.

The restaurant owners agreed to cover their medical costs and follow-ups as compensation.

Upon reaching the hospital, Jason and his family paid for the treatment using their insurance first to get immediate treatment.

Both parties agreed to discuss the compensation plans after Jason and his family made a full recovery.

Jason suffered burns on his face and body while one of his sisters suffered burns on her left hand.

The burn injuries suffered by Jason and his sister. Image: Jason Chiu/KL吹水站

Promises broken and reneged

In October, Jason proposed a compensation plan to the restaurant owners, who promised to get back to Jason in a week’s time.

After dragging the matter for a month, the owners came back with an unreasonable compensation package.

Jason claimed the owners agreed to only give RM2,000 in cash and RM1,000 in cash vouchers to dine at their restaurant.

Jason also claimed that when he rejected the offer, the owners countered by increasing the cash compensation to RM3,000.

For Jason, it was unreasonable because his medical expenses cost close to RM30,000. He also has to pay RM10,000 in tuition fees due to one month’s absence from the university.

While recovering, he also missed out on earning RM5,000 from his part-time job. He added that his clothes were worth RM500.

After the horrific incident, Jason said everyone in the family is afraid to eat at restaurants with open fires.

Jason explained he made the post to pursue justice for himself and his family, and prevent others from becoming victims.

In the comment section, a customer who just entered the restaurant that day confirmed that the staff didn’t help the victims but continued working.

Hopefully, Jason and his family will get fair compensation soon.

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