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We Need To Set An Example For Our Children, But We Ought To Learn From Them Too

We Need To Set An Example For Our Children, But We Ought To Learn From Them Too

Learning is a two-way thing.


It is known that a child’s first and best teacher is always their parents. As such, all parents understand the importance of leading by example and practising what they preach with their kids. 

One of the few things that Joanne, a working mum, wants her son to know is that nothing comes easy in life. Be it a video game or a pair of shoes he likes, Raeden needs to put in the effort to ‘earn’ them. 

And Joanne teaches him this by implementing a system where Raeden ‘earns’ hours by doing house chores. He can then use these hours to exchange for something he wants, eg. game time or new drawing tools as his hobby is creating anime-styled artwork. 

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Despite his young age, Raeden also understands the importance of having a balanced lifestyle where there’s time for studies and time for play. This is something he learned from emulating Joanne, who makes sure that she will spend some quality time with her family, no matter how busy work is. 

Aside from creating anime drawings together, another of Joanne and Raeden’s favourite pastimes is to cook together. This is where Joanne shows her son the importance of nutrition, by preparing nourishing meals like a quick mushroom chicken bake with Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup – a comfort food that is simple enough for kids to help out with, and a dish that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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It is also during these quality times when both mother and son can have meaningful conversations, which made Joanne realise that there’s actually so much she can learn from Raeden

Seeing things from his point of view helps me understand him more.

Joanne to TRP

As parents, we also have an obligation to listen to our children and understand where they’re coming from. Only then we will know if they need more guidance from us, and if they are confident enough to deal with certain things independently.

For example, it was through learning from Raeden that Joanne realised he is aware of the need to learn from one’s mistakes. With that understanding, she found that she is able to get herself to trust her son more. 

Just as how parents nourish their children through balanced meals and lifestyle, the parent-child relationship can be enriched by practising two-way learning. 

Because we may not always have the answers, and sometimes our children can teach us a thing or two, too.

Watch how Joanne and Raeden spend their quality time with each other by preparing a delicious Campbell’s meal together, while learning from each other at the same time:

This video was made with Campbell’s Soup Malaysia. Follow their page for the latest news and delicious recipes. 

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