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No Need To Fly To Europe To Enjoy The Best Of European Lifestyle

No Need To Fly To Europe To Enjoy The Best Of European Lifestyle

There’s plenty to do to scratch that travel bug itch.

Anne Dorall

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Ah, Europe, the land of mysterious moors and quaint villages in the countryside. The genteel lifestyle brings a stark contrast to Malaysia’s hot weather and food, which might be why we’re all rather obsessed with the colder continent.

Yet while we are stuck here, there are still ways for us to scratch that travel bug itch and go exploring in Europe.

1. Get a guided tour

The internet is a wonderful technology that allows us to explore other countries from the comfort of our own home. Blast the airconditioning and put on YouTube to enjoy experiences such as skiing down the Alps or journeying through the Białowieża Forest.

You can easily find “guided” tours in the form of travel vlogs or tourism promotional videos too!

2. Explore on your own

If you’re not keen on being brought around, try the freedom of virtual exploration with Google Maps Street View. Easily lose yourself meandering through foreign cities and admire the architecture all the same.

Even if you get ‘lost’, you’re never really lost— and your legs won’t be screaming at you in fatigue either.

Give Google Maps Street View a shot to explore a new city! (Plus, no need to buy a plane ticket.)
(Credit: Google Maps)

3. Watch foreign movies

What better way to be “cultured” than spending a couple of hours with classic foreign movies, surrounded by a thrilling foreign language and even more thrilling stories?

Immerse yourself in beloved films such as Amélie, Good Bye Lenin!, or even classic period films like Pride and Prejudice or Sound of Music.

Yeah, we definitely watch Pride and Prejudice for the, uh, plot. And Colin Firth’s imPECcable acting.
(Credit: Pride and Prejudice)

3. Sign up for a crash course on a new language

You’ve got time on your hands, why not give learning a new language a shot? Prepare yourself to travel like a local!

There are tons of free resources for you to get started, such as popular language-learning app Duolingo, which allows you to learn Italian, German, French, Dutch, and lots more!

4. Treat your tastebuds with an international treat

Sure, we’ve pretty much adopted the British “tea time” of cookies and small cakes, but there are also plenty of other food options from the many European countries!

Browse some easy recipes from your favourite European cuisine, such as French onion soup with French baguette, Dutch beef bitterballen (meatballs), Austrian Wiener Schnitzel (pan-fried veal cutlet), or German sauerkraut (fermented cabbage).

Have your family join you for a fun experimental day in the kitchen while you try something new. Alternatively, if it all sounds like too much work, you can easily order deliveries for mostly anything from Dutch stroopwafels (two thin layers of waffle held by a caramel layer) to the classic English fish ‘n chips.

It’ll be fun for the whole family!

5. Kick back and feel the Alps with Austrian beer

Instead of pining for a trip to the Alps, why not let the Alps come to you? Edelweiss, brewed in Salzburg, Austria, is hitting Malaysian shelves this summer to bring you a taste of the Alps.

Bask in fresh, chilly mountain air with a cold bottle or can of Edelweiss.
(Credit: TRP)

This wheat beer, brewed in Austria since the 17th century, is made with the purest spring water and a unique blend of natural herbs, including mountain plants native to cold climates like sage, coriander, and elderflower.

Feel the chilly breeze of the Alps with the crisp refreshing wheat beer and a naturally cool alpine spirit. The beer itself is smooth with a subtle fruity aftertaste in a cloudy golden yellow colour, perfect for those days you need to unwind and have a bit of fun.

Let Eldeweiss take you for a spin in the cool mountains of Austria.
(Credit: TRP)

The imported beer has now finally hit Malaysian shores, popping up at major hyper- and supermarkets, convenience stores, and 99 Speedmart stores. Or, you can order it online have it delivered straight to you, exclusively at Drinkies.

However, due to its alcoholic content, Edelweiss is only available for non-Muslims aged 21 and above– and be sure to enjoy it responsibly!

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