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[Watch] This Petronas Raya Video Reminds Malaysians That Raya Celebrations Is More Than Just Family

[Watch] This Petronas Raya Video Reminds Malaysians That Raya Celebrations Is More Than Just Family

Petronas ads are pretty much the benchmark every year.

Anne Dorall

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As Hari Raya draws ever closer during this period of yet another MCO, at least we have heartwarming Raya videos to look forward to.

This year, possibly due to the difficulties around managing real-life talents and filming during a pandemic, Petronas graced us with a cheeky, colourful animation about a Malaysian who just really, really misses his mum in a video narrated by a spotted dove named Syuk-kur.

The main character Poji is basically all of us away from our hometowns this Raya.
(Credit: Petronas)

Main character Poji is homesick and misses his mother back in his hometown. Unfortunately, he is unable to return to be with her, as he is stuck with work in the fictional Taman Bawang in KL city.

He begins to envision his fierce next-door neighbour, Mak Jah, as his mother– even though she dislikes him and his friends for being noisy.

The fierce Mak Jah who doesn’t care much for Poji even when he runs errands for her.
(Credit: Petronas)

Faced with seemingly unfriendly neighbours and a longing for home, Poji and his friends resigned themselves to a subdued Hari Raya, until a surprise gesture by Mak Jah and their neighbours rekindles their festive spirit and belief in community togetherness.

Syukur Raya takes inspiration from Malaysians’ signature warmth and friendliness. Even though we are entering our second Hari Raya in the midst of a pandemic, Malaysians can still find ways to embrace the festivities and celebrate.

You can watch the full video here:

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