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[Review] Is McD’s New Boba McFlurry Better Than Actual Bubble Tea?

[Review] Is McD’s New Boba McFlurry Better Than Actual Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea fans have a brand new way to consume MORE bubble tea!

Anne Dorall

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McDonald’s has just released their Brown Sugar Boba McFlurry, after the heydey of bubble tea has quieted down to a gentle simmer.

It features McDonald’s signature vanilla ice-cream topped with chewy boba toppings and a brown sugar syrup.

The Taste Test

The McFlurry features the creamy cold ice-cream texture with cold, but surprisingly soft and chewy brown sugar boba. Some may like it as it is colder than usual bubble teas, where the boba itself is not cold, even though the drink is.

The boba balls themselves are cooked through and well-flavoured with the brown sugar syrup, so even though they are cold, they’re not hard. (If you have ever tried putting bubble tea in the fridge or freezer, you may have noticed that boba balls tend to turn hard upon being refridgerated.)

Shining, glistening, splendid~
(Credit: TRP)

The Verdict

Fans of brown sugar bubble tea will probably love this, as it truly does taste like the drink. Yet the creamy, thicker texture of the ice-cream makes for a- dare I say- an even better match for the soft chewiness of the boba.

Instead of chewing on plain boba because you’ve swallowed the drink it came in, this ice-cream allows you to have both the creamy vanilla ice-cream and the boba at the same time.

While the toppings may seem sparse when you first recieve the dessert, make sure to mix the ice-cream well for the optimal ice-cream:boba:brown sugar syrup ratio.

The amount of boba may look dismal, but after a thorough mix, you’d get a good ration of boba-per-spoonful.
(Credit: TRP)

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