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Creator of #CucukMYAZ Shares How They Came Up With The Name

Creator of #CucukMYAZ Shares How They Came Up With The Name

A social media hashtag spawned a movement.

Anne Dorall

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Twitter user @Rincredible is the mastermind behind the hashtag #CucukMYAZ, which began as a way for Malaysians who are getting the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine to share their experience.

The hashtag, which has been lauded as relevent, funny, and memorable, took just 2 seconds to come up with.

Before settling on CucukMYAZ, they actually went through some other versions such as MYAZ, SuntikAZMY, and CucukAZMY, which didn’t make the cut.

The best place for real-time information on the AZ vaccine

Now, the hashtag has become the best place for personal reports and tips before and after getting the vaccine.

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The hashtag also helped encourage many who were vaccine-hesitant to register for their shot after the many stories about how easy, quick, and painless the vaccine is.

For Rin, that’s good news

Rin feels strongly about vaccinations and herd immunity. They recount how, as a child, they received every single vaccine available except the one for measels, which is supposed to be given at 9 months old.

This is because they caught measles at the tender age of 6 months old. While they recovered from measles (obviously), it has always been a question: what if they hadn’t?

Because of this, they strongly encourage vaccines to prevent risks of catching these preventable illnesses.

More vaccinated people = safer for everyone

They hope that Malaysia can reach herd immunity soon to make sure everyone can be protected, especially those who cannot take the vaccine due to compromised immune systems.

Those with weaker immune systems have a higher risk of catching the virus, which is why the healthy population should take the vaccine and be the buffer to prevent the spread to those vulnerable.

Of course, Rin is also encouraged and happy that the hashtag has been a wealth of positive experiences to encourage more adoption of the vaccine.

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