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Teen Faces Even More Online Harassment After Lodging Second Report

Teen Faces Even More Online Harassment After Lodging Second Report

Anne Dorall

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Ain, the schoolgirl who exposed her male teacher for making inappropriate rape jokes during a physical education class, lodged her second police report over a male classmate’s rape threat.

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However, the backlash and online reaction to her story only proves how unsafe young girls feel in every part of their life.

Even more harassment after news coverage

The police have acknowledged both police reports made. During a press conference, Deputy Inspector-General of Police (DIPG) Datuk Seri Acryl Sani Abdullah was quoted as saying that the police will investigate the case from all angles, including the possibility that the rape threat “was a joke”.

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The police later released a statement reaffirming that they are not dismissive of the case.

However, after the influx of news around Ain, netizens once again showcased how cruel they can be, dismissing her as being dramatic. Even worse, plenty of the comments mirrored the very rape jokes she exposed.

The comments accused her for exposing her aurat and looking indecent, a common dismissal whenever women try talking about sexual harrassment.

Rape culture is rampant in Malaysia

Plenty of comments showcased how issues like sexual harassment has been so normalised that people come to its defense.

Just a few choice comments showcasing victim blaming.

Dismissive Facebook comments often read that such “educational talks” about sexuality and rape are common in school and that teachers know best.

In fact, alleged leaked screenshots from a private teacher’s Facebook group also showed similar comments dismissing Ain’s concerns about the safety of students in schools.

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