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The Incredible Matcha Product I Can’t Live Without This Ramadan Raya Season

The Incredible Matcha Product I Can’t Live Without This Ramadan Raya Season

If you’re stressed like me, Oh Cha Matcha Raya Wellness Gift Box is a godsend.

Kirat Kaur

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Once again, the Ramadan and Raya season is upon us during lockdown – which has definitely put a damper on the festivities. But, through sheer luck (or the Almighty’s blessing) I’ve come to discover an incredible matcha product that I can’t live without this Ramadan-Raya season.

Enter: Oh Cha Matcha Raya Wellness Gift Box

Oh Cha Matcha Raya Wellness Gift Box
(Credit: Oh Cha Matcha)

During the fasting month of Ramadhan, Oh Cha Matcha has launched its very own Oh Cha Matcha Raya Wellness Gift Box in conjunction with the upcoming Hari Raya celebrations – brimming with hand-made matcha goodies such as green brews, candles, hand sanitizer and candles.

While I am not a Muslim, I am a Malaysian and therefore no stranger to the faith and its practices – and the one thing I’ve admired about Ramadan is the the emphasis on empathy and well-being of your own soul and of your fellow man.

So in 2021 – the era of lockdowns and physical distancing – there is an added layer of self-care during this season that I can resonate with.

The matcha concoctions made with locally sourced Bunga Kantan, infused with rose and bamboo-whisked premium grade matcha is certainly a refreshing treat that made me feel clean inside and out.

Bunga Kantan Matcha
(Credit: Oh Cha Matcha)

The sugar-free, dairy-free, low-calorie drink is sweetened with Stevia, packed with health benefits such as improving the digestive system – which frankly makes it the perfect opener for iftar or anyone who practices intermittent fasting.

The wellness treat doesn’t stop there though, the Raya Wellness Gift Box also includes a Geranium Rose Matcha Hand Sanitizer which frankly smells so much like bandung I had to physically resist the temptation to guzzle it down. But that’s just me and my foodie-driven brain.

Geranium Rose Matcha Hand Sanitizer.
(Credit: Oh Cha Matcha)

Other normal people would relish in the lilting scent of matcha blended with geranium and rose. Despite being a bacteria-busting 75% Isopropyl Alcohol product, it’s not as harsh or drying to the skin thanks to the addition of geranium essential oil. Once again, if you’re a foodie-brain like me, you’d probably be sniffing your hands in delight.

What my foodies-self CAN eat is the box of Medjool Dates coated with 70.5% Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate and sprinkled with Sea Salt. These little morsels of pure indulgence are simply divine, because how can one resist?

Medjool Dates coated with 70.5% Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate.
(Credit: Oh Cha Matcha)

There’s also a hand-poured Matcha Latte Geranium Rose Scented Candle made with soy wax and pure Geranium essential oil, perfect for washing away the stress of work (and a pandemic) for the day.

Matcha Latte Geranium Rose Scented Candle
(Credit: Oh Cha Matcha)

Why Oh Cha Matcha?

Bursting into the scene in 2020 right in the heat of the pandemic, Oh Cha Matcha very quickly found success as the first and only matcha café in Malaysia that serves sugar-free, dairy-free and guilt-free premium grade matcha, concocted into delicious and healthy beverages.

While the matcha trend has been around for years, thanks to it’s well known benefits as the powdered green tea that is packed with powerful antioxidant properties and vitamins that energizes the body and soul, Oh Cha Matcha somehow managed to breathe new life into the brew.

One could say it’s because of the high-quality matcha, or it’s strong Instagram presence, and maybe even the creative new brews. But the answer is likely a combination of all three factors.

So if you’d like to meet your match-a, the Oh Cha Matcha Raya Wellness Gift Box is available for pre-order now at the Oh Cha Matcha website (HERE) or via Instagram DM (HERE). Priced at RM155, it is available until 14th May 2021, or while stock lasts.

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