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Your Favourite Brands Recently Changed Their Logos, Did You Notice?

Your Favourite Brands Recently Changed Their Logos, Did You Notice?

Yes, Giant, Gardenia, Pringles, and Julie’s have new looks and logos.

Anne Dorall

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If you haven’t stepped out of your home for a while now, you may not have realized quite a number of brands have taken the opportunity to rebrand and update their new look.

Just so you won’t get confused by how everything looks different, and as an assurance that you are not caught in an alternate universe, here’s just a few that we’ve spotted so far.

1. Giant

Left: the 77-year-old logo and right: the new logo launched last year.

Since being founded in 1944, Giant Hypermarkets has kept the same logo. We all recognize it with the cursive green font, red-dotted i, and the yellow background splash.

Now, they’ve updated it to be much more modern and sleek, in a shade of bright green in the shape of a leaf and sans serif font. These changes have been reflected in stores itself, as the company claims that the bright new look and feel is bursting with colour and warmth.

2. Gardenia

Left: the preview packaging design, and right: the new packaging design.
(Credit: TRP)

Gardenia’s packaging design features more block colours. In lieu of their baker mascot, they’ve chosen to feature their Nutrinegy more prominently, which highlights the added nutrition in each slice of bread.

The Nutrinegy symbol claims that the bread has no cholesterol, no trans fats, while being high in zinc, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E.

3. Pringles

Left: the Pringles can and Pringle-man’s brown mustache. Right: On the new Pringles can, Pringle-man has a black mustache instead.
(Credit: Twitter)

Pringles, too, has updated their logo and look to be more modern and sleek. Pringle-man, whose “full name” has been revealed to be “Julius Pringles”, now sports a new black mustache with full black eyebrows. Although it seems that he had lost his brown middle-parted hair with the update as well.

4. Julie’s

Left: The new logo, right: the old logo.
(Credit: @artfishstudio/Twitter)

Even our traditional Malaysian-made Julie’s biscuits have gone through a logo change. While we’ve grown up with the old logo all our lives, the new logo looks fresher and younger. Julie is changed from a front-facing portrait to a side-profile, looking up at the sky in hope.

Considering that the brand has been around since 1984, it’s about time the new generation grows up with a new face.

Did you catch any other logo changes we missed? Let us know! Share your thoughts with us on TRP’s FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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