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[Review] Nando’s Is Getting Back On The Healthy Track With Meat-Free And Healthier Chicken Options

[Review] Nando’s Is Getting Back On The Healthy Track With Meat-Free And Healthier Chicken Options

More and more restaurants are offering meat-free options now.

Anne Dorall

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Malaysia’s favourite punny chicken restaurant has firmly grounded themselves as a healthy option for everyone- even those who want to eat meat-free meals or who are just looking to reduce their meat consumption.

In a surprise twist, Nando’s Malaysia has come up with meat-free protein alternatives with deliciously seasoned firm tofu and succelent sauteed portobello mushrooms that is surprisingly satisfying to the mouth and tongue.

The new healthy menu highlights items that are making a much-anticipated comeback, such as the Portobello Mushroom Bowl, which were discontinued for a short time during the MCO. Other items include the Veggie Carnival Bowl, featuring baby spinach, corn, bell peppers, and mushrooms on a bed of Portugese spice-infused Spicy Rice.

Small bites, big flavour

Their meat-free sides: the sauteed portobello mushrooms makes a return and the new menu addition of tofu sticks with a side of tangy chili jam dip. Pictured is their lemon-lime cooler with no added sugar.
(Credit: TRP)

As the new addition to the healthy menu, the Tofu Sticks & Dip may seem understated, but a generous coating of peri-peri spices and a decadent side of chili jam would change your mind.

The firm tofu is flame-grilled to have a crispy exterior with a juicy yet firm bite. The chili jam complements the fresh, clean taste of tofu perfectly with tangy tomato and herb notes, making the whole dish savoury and refreshing.

Meat-free but not fully vegan

Although the menu boasts delicious meat-free items, they’re not quite vegan as certain food items contain eggs, such as the special creamy sauce used in the wrap and burger. Additionally, onions and garlic are used in the preparation of the food, which may not be suitable for all vegetarians as well.

However, vegetarians may be pleased to learn that all the bottled Nando’s sauces for sale are vegetarian, so they can still add some peri-peri spice to their lives.

Still, the main emphasis is to offer healthy, meat-free meals to Malaysians who want to improve their diets, and Nando’s certainly does a good job with their delicious options.

From meat-free mains…

The tofu wrap with thick-cut tofu sticks, portobello mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce, and generous amounts of chili jam and special sauce.
(Credit: TRP)

If you’re new to going meat-free, then the new Nando’s Portobello Mushroom with Tofu Wrap is probably the best place to start exploring non-meat proteins.

The thick cut flame-grilled tofu sticks serve as protein, but they definitely are not pretending to be meat. Instead, the wrap elevates the clean, fresh taste of firm tofu with the stunning chili jam and special sauce, with a generous addition of portobello mushrooms. The end result is a saucy, savoury, tingly goodness that is worth getting your hands dirty for.

If you’re not fond of wraps, they have the same thing as a burger, made with a Portugese burger bun baked in-house.

Grilled tofu slices take the place of a typical burger patty, but things can definitely get messy.
(Credit: TRP)

Be prepared to really embrace the burger as the sauciness of the ingredients make it quite difficult to eat neatly. However, we find that the taste is quite worth the mess.

…to meaty rice bowls.

If only rice can satisfy you, then it’s worth checking out their rice bowls, which comes in 3 delicious variants: the Veggie Carnival Bowl for all the vegetables you love, the Happy Trio Chicken Bowl for those who want the classic chicken taste Nando’s is known for, or the Ultimate Trio Chicken Bowl which combines the best of both worlds.

Clockwise from top: The Ultimate Trio Chicken Bowl, the Veggie Carnival Bowl, and the Happy Trio Chicken Bowl.
(Credit: TRP)

All the rice bowls have corn, vibrant bell peppers, and fresh baby spinach on a bed of fragrant Spicy Rice cooked with peri-peri spices. As for protein, the Veggie Carnival Bowl features premium portobello mushrooms, the Happy Trio Bowl features flame-grilled chicken tenders, while the Ultimate Trio Chicken Bowl features both chicken tenders and portobello mushrooms.

Putting health first

The idea behind the new selection of healthy meals is to #GetBackOnTrack, especially for those who had wanted to commit to eating healthier on a regular basis this year.

Most of the meals available are priced less than RM20 ala carte, which is quite afforable for wholesome, healthy, delicious food. In even better news, special deals will also be available for members of various fitness gyms such as Crossfit Pahlawan, Journey Indoor Cycling Studio, Peak Fitness, and The Flow Studio.

All these meat-free menu options will only be available at all stores on 15th March, so mark your calendars to #GetBackOnTrack with Nando’s.

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