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Is Your Postpaid Plan The Real Deal? We Find Out What It Really Means To “Get More Than What You Pay For”

Is Your Postpaid Plan The Real Deal? We Find Out What It Really Means To “Get More Than What You Pay For”

Why settle for less when you can get MORE FOR LESS?

Anne Dorall

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Whether it’s for learning or working from home, socialising remotely, or entertainment, with practically our entire lives now online, reliable sources of internet connection and a decent mobile device or laptop have become essential.

So when our lives have changed so drastically, why shouldn’t we also consider changing the things that enable us to actually get online? We take a look at why Digi’s newly released line of Postpaid plans which they claim pack a whole lot of value for everyone with different needs.

1. Easy access for everyone

Why limit yourself in your day-to-day life? The new Digi Postpaid plans promise access to your internet at anytime, any day.

Fret not because the data you see is the data you get for a whole month, with no weekend data pool, no day or night data limits, and most importantly, no speed cap at all!

In fact, if speed is one of your main concerns, Digi was tested by Ookla to be the fastest mobile internet operator in the whole country, so rest assured that your Streaming Saturdays will be uninterrupted.

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Movies, TV shows, YouTube videos? No buffering needed.
(Credit: Envato)

2. Flexible for the right balance between needs and budget

Internet and computer usage at home has skyrocketed with working-from-home and online-learning. No longer are we just casually browsing social media and YouTube on the weekends: our whole lives have now moved online.

Which is why every one of Digi’s new Postpaid plans focus on flexibility and high-speed internet, with added discounts and add-ons to fit your lifestyle.

Every plan has tons of mobile data, unlimited calls, discounts on additional lines, device plans, and lots of discounts.
(Credit: Digi)

You can get fantastic deals from budget options such as DP60 for RM60/month up to their highest priced plan DP150 at RM150/month, so there’s a reasonable choice for everyone. Simply pick a base plan according to how much data you use a month.

Then, get an arsenal of additional themed add-ons, perfect for whether you’re an avid K-drama streamer, or a device junkie, or part of a big family where everyone needs a family line, or even just someone looking for a basic, no-frills plan with plenty of internet to use!

If you have online subscriptions on the App Store or Play Store such as Viu, you’re entitled to rebates for that too.

Each plan has a variety of different add-ons, so it’s worth spending some time to browse what’s best for you.
(Credit: Digi)

3. Everyone in the family is included

Now that you’ve got your base plan plus add-ons, it’s time to expand that good deal to include your family so they aren’t left out!

And what a deal it is, because family lines are currently discounted at 50% off, with up to 6 possible additional lines. That’s enough for your mum, sister, cousin, grandma, and there’s still space for more!

The pincipal line holder can now also share data with their sublines too, so even if you won’t finish your data, your sublines could probably do it for you.

Many people, multiple devices in one household? That’s okay too!
(Credit: pressfoto/Freepik)

4. Top it off with even greater value and MORE savings

But if all that isn’t enough for you, there’s actually even more savings you get with the new Postpaid plans.

In case you didn’t know, Digi also covers Digi Fibre Broadband and Mobile Broadband for residential homes. So if you’re already getting mobile data with your phone plan and want to sign up for their home internet, you get rebates for that as well.

Last but not least, you can pick up a brand new device under Digi’s PhoneFreedom365 with no downpayment and get free phone upgrades after 18 months. Even if you don’t want the easy option of PhoneFreedom365, you can add on a simple installment plan for affordable phones- the choice is yours.

Why not get grandma a nice upgrade so she can stay connected to family?
(Credit: Shutterstock)

5. Say Hello! to plans made specially for you

What are you waiting for? Say Hello to Digi’s Postpaid plans, made to be easy to know exactly what you’re getting. There are no hidden costs, secret fees, or roundabout terms and conditions.

It’s as simple as ordering a poké bowl: you have your base plan, add-ons, family lines, rebates, and optional devices!

Pick and choose to build the perfect plan for yourself.
(Credit: TechNave)

The more you sign on, the more value you get back, so why not take a minute just to check out the plans on the Digi website HERE.

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