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Astro Awani’s WFH Blooper Reel Is What We NEEDED Today

Astro Awani’s WFH Blooper Reel Is What We NEEDED Today

Even the professionals slip up now and then.

Hamzah Nazari

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Working from home has all kinds of issues, not least of which are these video conference calls we have to take part in from time-to-time.

But things don’t always go according to plan even for professionals as evident in a hilarious blooper reel shared on Twitter by Astro Awani morning anchorman Hakim Rahman.

The clip features everything from the sound of roosters randomly interrupting discussions, to human error, and the steely determination of one newsreader obviously experiencing technical difficulties.

Awani’s morning show centres around commentary of news and current affairs delivered in a more relaxed tone.

“So when things like bloopers happen, we just make the best of it because those are the real things that happen behind the scenes and even live on air,” Hakim told TRP when contacted.

AWANI Pagi anchorman Hakim Rahman
(Pic via Twitter)

“What’s important is that we get the people the facts they need to know. Basically, our pillars are to inform, educate, entertain, and to inspire our viewers.

“Our bosses are also understanding that going live from home will result in bloopers and they support us.”

He added that working from home also makes the team more creative in using whatever they have at hand.

Screengrab via AWANI Pagi website.

Commenting on one particularly hilarious incident (which we won’t spoil), Hakim said it happened minutes before an exclusive interview with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad commenting on Covid-19 as a medical doctor.

“I was flustered when it happened, thinking about what questions to ask Dr Mahathir, so I asked Geegee Ahmad to help Afiezy Azaman.

“It’s not easy to figure out editorial and technical at the same time,” said Hakim.

He’s right, but thankfully this laugh-out-loud moment was caught on camera, along with the varied reactions of the team which warrant multiple replays.

You can watch Hakim and the rest of the AWANI Pagi team live on or channel 501 on Astro with the morning segments starting at 7.30am.

“You might even catch those bloopers live,” added Hakim.

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