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Only RM70 Electricity Bill With 6 Airconds At Home? Melaka Man Shares How He Does It

Only RM70 Electricity Bill With 6 Airconds At Home? Melaka Man Shares How He Does It

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Kirat Kaur

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With electricity bills being a major utility expense, one Malaysian decided to show how he managed to keep his bill at only RM70 despite living in a double story house equipped with 6 air conditioning units (aircond).

In a Facebook post, Fawazz Johari explains that his double storey house in Melaka was fitted with the TNB Smart Meter in February 2019, and that the house’s electricity bill was only RM62.30.

What’s more impressive is that the house has four bedrooms, each equipped with an air conditioning unit, along with two more units in the living room. The house is usually inhabited by his parents, with their children visiting on weekends and holidays.

So how does Fawazz successfully keep his electricity bill so low? Well he has some tips and tricks to share.

1. Use inverter technology aircond & fridge

All the air conditioners and refrigerators in the house are equipped with this inverter technology. While they may be pricier than regular appliances, Fawazz assured that it’s only a one time thing as you can enjoy continuous electricity savings for a long time.

An inverter is used to control the speed of the compressor motor, and is able to continuously regulate the temperature. Numerous sites sing praises of inverter air conditioners as they are more efficient than traditional air conditioners, and quieter as well.

2. Use “5-star” electrical appliances

The energy efficiency label issued by the Malaysian Energy Commission.
(Credit: Energy Commission)

Electric appliances in Malaysia usually come with a star rating, from one to 5, issued by the Malaysian Energy Commission that denotes the energy efficiency of an electrical product.

Energy efficient equipment will be able to reduce electricity consumption in your home.

3. Do not use electric heating appliances

Fawazz’s family heats water and cooks rice on the stove instead of using the electric counterparts.
(Credit: Fawwaz Johari/Facebook)

Fawazz shares that his house does not use electrical heaters such as, rice cooker, electric kettle and a water dispenser. Instead, they use a gas stove to cook rice and boil water.

The only heating appliances in the house are a clothing iron and water heater to shower.

4. Use LED lights

All the lights in the house are LED lights as Fawazz says it can reduce electricity consumption up to 75% compared to normal lights.

LED lights also have longer lifespan than incandescent tungsten light bulbs and far more efficient than fluorescent lights.

5. Unplug all electrical appliances not in use

Fawazz shares that he switches off and unplugs his electrical appliances after watching TV, charging phones or using the washing machine.

In his experience, houses that practice this usually have a lower electricity bill with reductions ranging between RM15-RM50. Of course, this amount depends on the house and types of electrical equipment used.

For more savings, you can also unplug the ‘wifi’ in your home at night when everyone is asleep and not using it.

6. Use a ‘Turbine Ventilator’ on the roof

Roof turbine ventilator.

To keep the house cool, Fawazz has installed a turbine ventilator on the roof that allows hot air trapped inside the roof to escape.

Installation of turbine ventilator is beneficial to improve room air quality, and reduces the usage of air conditioning as the increased ventilation means the house’s temperature is lowered.

7. Planting trees indoors and outdoors

Credit: Fawwaz Johari/Facebook

Fawazz also greatly credits his mother’s gardening habit in keeping the house cool as trees are known to keep the air cool.

With these trees, the air in our house is usually at low temperatures. Therefore, we rarely have to turn on the air conditioner at noon, except on really hot days or when guests visit.

Fawazz Johari via Facebook.

8. Aircond use can be reduced with low ambient temperature

Fawazz also shared that when the house temperature is already low, the air conditioner uses less energy to cool the room to the desired temperature.

For example, the ambient temperature is 30°C, while the desired temperature is 23°C, so the temperature difference is 7°C. This causes the air conditioner to work hard to lower the 7°C. Imagine if the temperature around the house is only 25°C. The air conditioner only needs to lower the temperature by 2°C to get the desired temperature.

Fawazz Johari via Facebook.

Hence, he recommends keeping plants and using a turbine ventilator to keep the house as cool as possible.

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