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JB Tadika Hosts Colourful Drive-Thru Graduation For The Kids To Celebrate & Stay Safe

JB Tadika Hosts Colourful Drive-Thru Graduation For The Kids To Celebrate & Stay Safe

Congrats to the little graduates!

Anne Dorall

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A preschool’s creative graduation ceremony for their students went viral recently, with pictures of cars “dressed up” in full graduation decor.

To comply with current Covid-19 SOPs, Tadika Khalifat Elit in Johor Bahru opted to host their graduation ceremony via a drive-thru, which resulted in a quirky and extremely fun sight on the roads!

Cars showed up with strings of colourful balloons and large signage congratulating the children on completing their preschool studies. One car was even “wearing” a large mortarboard hat!

Around 60 children took part in the graduation ceremony, accompanied by their parents, guardians, and teachers.

According to Alma, the person who posted the Tweet, one of the teachers came across a video of American schools hosting drive-thru graduation ceremonies and thought it was a great idea. The school then adopted the idea to celebrate and send-off their graduating class too, as they emphasise on celebrating all milestones big or small.

Alma’s mother, a teacher at the school, notes that the effort to create a SOP-compliant graduation ceremony was so that the graduating children don’t miss out on a milestone event.

We want the children to feel loved, special and appreciated. We want them to remember their kindergarten moments forever and with fond memories.

Alma’s mother, a teacher at Tadika Khalifat Elit, to TRP

The school still hopes to be able to host their regular annual concert that allows students, teachers, and parents to gather and mingle, but they will resort to a drive-through ceremony for as long as the pandemic persists.

It’s a lovely idea that the children will remember for a long time. it also just goes to show how far human creativity will go to ensure everyone has a good time!

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