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There’s A New KFC Crunchy Tandoori, Here’s What We Think

There’s A New KFC Crunchy Tandoori, Here’s What We Think

We were quite surprised by the limes.

Anne Dorall

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KFC’s latest menu offering drew some eyebrows with its bold claim of extra flavour and extra drama. Yes, it’s the new KFC Crunchy Tandoori!

This spicy new flavour comes as a regular set meal with the usual sides of whipped potato and coleslaw, so we tried it out.

The meal was delivered in a sturdy cardboard box.
(Credit: TRP)

To begin with, it’s not tandoori per se, as tandoori chicken is marinated in yogurt and spiced and roasted in a tandoor clay oven.

This is KFC crunchy fried chicken with a generous coating of tandoori flavoured powder, so you still get the usual crispy fried chicken skin as well as the flavour-bomb.

The reddish hue of the tandoori flavour coating.
(Credit: TRP)

The Taste Test

The smell is quite reminiscent of tandoori chicken, bringing to mind the red hue of roasted tandoori chicken and Indian spices.

In terms of taste, it is certainly more flavourful than the usual spicy fried chicken. It is savoury without being overwhelmingly powerful.

However, what is most surprising is actually the minty, citrusy aftertaste, which is evocative of the chutney and lime that is usually served with tandoori chicken.

Tandoori chicken often comes with a side of green chutney, usually made with coriander and mint.
(Credit: Freepik)

The mildly sweet and very savoury flavours of the KFC Crunchy Tandoori is quite enjoyable, although it might make you wonder why didn’t you just get actual tandoori chicken instead.

The Verdict

While the dish is quite enjoyable, the coating might be unappealing to those who are not fond of strong powdered flavours. The citrusy aftertaste skirts a thin line between being oddly prominent and elevating the smoky tandoori flavour.

Still, it’s a decent new offering, and certainly not the worst we’ve tried. You can have this for dinner, then go and get actual tandoori chicken for supper.

A fun meal, anyhow.
(Credit: TRP)

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