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Ingenious Malaysian Saves Neighbour’s Laundry From Rain Through A Fence

Ingenious Malaysian Saves Neighbour’s Laundry From Rain Through A Fence

One long stick and unwavering determination to save drying laundry.

Anne Dorall

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Malaysia has fickle weather, with sudden spells of rain in the middle of the day. If you have laundry hanging out in the sun to dry, you had better be prepared to save them at a moment’s notice.

In the case of Facebook user Nur Syazana Izham though, she had an extremely considerate neighbour who helped her move her laundry racks with the use of a long stick!

In a short video taken from her home CCTV that has since gone viral, her neighbour can be seen trying to maneuver the clothing racks as a drizzle of rain started.

The long stick used in the operation to save his neighbour’s laundry.
(Credit: Nur Syazana Izham/Facebook)

He used a long stick through the fence to drag the racks away from the open driveway and into the covered part.

He never even gave up his efforts either, despite the awkward angle and the dedication required to ease the racks along without knocking them over.

The whole operation to save his neighbour’s laundry took around 5 minutes, but his kind action probably save her an hour’s worth of chores and headache!

The laundry is saved!
(Credit: Nur Syazana Izham/Facebook)

Wouldn’t we all love to have a neighbour like this?

We agree!

You can watch the full video here.

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