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Grab Rider Helps Stranded Man With Flat Tyre In Kota Kinabalu

Grab Rider Helps Stranded Man With Flat Tyre In Kota Kinabalu

Another Good Samaritan in the form of a Grab delivery rider.

Anne Dorall

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If you needed a bit of a cheer to get through this pandemic, Malaysians have got you covered.

Recently, a Sabahan recounted how a Grab delivery rider got him out of a tight spot.

He said that his car got a flat tyre, smack in the middle of busy traffic in Kota Kinabalu. As he pulled off to the side, a Grab rider came along, readily offering his help.

The Grab rider then helped to replace the tyre on the car, and even after that, refused any kind of payment!

Credit: bilanol/Freepik

Netizens were warmed by the helpful encounter and urged the Sabahan to write directly to Grab so that the rider can get due recognition.

Other netizens then shared their own stories of helpful Malaysians.

One Redditor recounted how he his car ran out of petrol while going uphill. He was prepared to walk to the nearest petrol station, when a Malay man rode up to him and offered help.

Within 10 minutes, the man had returned with two bottles of petrol and refused any sort of payment, saving the Redditor from walking under the hot Malaysian sun.

Isn’t it sweet when humans come together? In fact, even foreign workers in our country are helpful people, taking the effort to reunite a laptop and phone with their rightful owner.

One thing’s for sure: Malaysians sure are a helpful bunch!

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