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Selangor Bans Alcohol Consumption, Smoking At All Playgrounds And Recreational Parks

Selangor Bans Alcohol Consumption, Smoking At All Playgrounds And Recreational Parks

Tasneem Nazari

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Selangor has become the first state in Malaysia to ban alcohol, cigarettes, and vapes throughout playgrounds and recreational parks in the state. The ban is effective immediately.

What you need to know: Announced by the state’s local government, public transportation and new village development exco Ng Sze Han, he said the ban has been included in the list of offences in the Selangor local councils Parks By-Laws 2005.

The new regulations will be enforced by the local authorities and carry a maximum fine of RM1,000. As a start, offenders may first be given warnings before being issued summons.

Why it matters: According to Ng, Malaysians are becoming more interested in practising a healthy lifestyle. This means that playgrounds and recreational parts are increasingly being frequented by not only children but the elderly as well for sports, recreation and family activities.

Who said what:

For the comfort and health of visitors especially in post Covid-19, the time has come to prohibit the consumption of alcohol and smoking at playgrounds and recreational parks under the Parks By-Laws.

Ng Sze Han via Facebook (Translated from BM)

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Posted by Ng Sze Han 黄思汉 on Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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