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Catch This Comet That Won’t Be Seen For Another 6,800 Years

Catch This Comet That Won’t Be Seen For Another 6,800 Years

Anne Dorall

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A brand new comet was discovered earlier this year that is now visible with the naked eye. Called the Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE), it has a long split tail and an even longer travel orbit: the next time we will see this comet is another 6,800 years later.

The comet is now making its slow journey to its closest point to the Earth, which will be on 24th July 2020. However, the comet can already be seen with the naked eye in dark areas, or with binoculars in areas with light pollution.

To view it in Malaysia, look in the North-West direction at an altitude of 19% above the horizon about 30 minutes after sunset.

However, if you’re afraid of missing the show, plenty of stargazers have already captured the delightful comet streaking through the sky.

Most other fun stargazing activities require you to be awake at ungodly hours, so to have a bright comet streak by right after dinnertime makes it a good opportunity to do some casual stargazing without the sacrifice of sleep. Why not give it a try?

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