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ATTN JOHOREANS: Rate Of Dengue Deaths Increased In Johor Compared To Last Year

ATTN JOHOREANS: Rate Of Dengue Deaths Increased In Johor Compared To Last Year

Anne Dorall

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According to Berita Harian, there have already been 20 deaths in Johor from dengue reported, accounting from the beginning of the year until June 27. This is an increase compared to 15 cases during the same time period from last year.

This year, 5,107 dengue cases have been reported so far, a minor decline from last year’s 5,142 cases during the same time period.

However, the rise of 15 deaths to 20 is, in fact, pretty significant.

The highest reported cases were in Johor Bahru (80.2%), followed by Kulai (3.9%), Kluang (3.7%), Segamat (3.3%), besides Batu Pahat (2.4%), Mersing (2.1%), Kota Tinggi (1.4%), Muar (1.1%), Pontian (0.9%) and Tangkak (0.9%).

Time for a good ol’ fogging.
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Johor health and environment committee chairman R. Vidyananthan states that a major factor for the spread of the dengue fever in Johor is neglect of environmental hygiene, which leads to the abundant population of aedes mosquitoes.

He recommends that the community always keep an eye out for empty containers, flowerpots, or buckets that could be a potential breeding ground of these mosquitoes. He warns that if found, people responsible for areas that are breeding grounds for the Aedes mosquitoes are also subjected to a minimum fine of RM500.

Due to public concern over Covid-19, precautionary measures to prevent dengue seem to have taken a backseat. While previous years would see reminders to check for stagnant water near around your place of residence, this year’s focus had turned to wearing masks and general hygiene.

Over 50,000 cases of dengue has been reported in the country since January 2020. Considering that dengue is entirely preventable but not treatable, let’s not forget to chuck out stagnant rain water every once in awhile.

We’ve also written about how a traditional treatment has proven effective in making dengue patients more comfortable, even if it doesn’t cure the disease. You can read about that below.

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