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Your Parcels From Pos Laju Will Still Take A While

Your Parcels From Pos Laju Will Still Take A While

Anne Dorall

The MCO saw a huge increase in the volume of parcels being sent all over the country as people relied on e-commerce to buy goods or send items to family. However, now that the MCO is lifting, Pos Malaysia notes that your parcels will likely still be delayed due to lack of available flights, especially those in East Malaysia.

What you need to know: Packages are able to cross oceans relatively quickly because they often hitch rides on commercial airline flights together with human passengers. However, because planes are now grounded due to the MCO, there is a limited availability of flights, which translates to your package being delayed.

Why it matters: E-commerce shoppers or online micro-businesses should take note that shipping times may still be delayed, especially if your parcel needs to travel through air. Even though the country is moving into a more relaxed Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), not everything is back to normal just yet.

Who said what: Post Malaysia released a notice stating that they are experiencing a surge of parcel volume, particularly in East Malaysia. They also assure customers that they are working tireless to maximise capacity, however there may be potential delays during this time. They mention that they are facing limited availability of flights.

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